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FEXCO Ltd T/A No 1 Currency, 15 Galena Road, Hammersmith, London W6 0LT Company Number 1968932
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18 April 2014

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Frequent business travellers, travel parties, travel clubs - register with us and qualify for even better rates and a comprehensive service, including delivery of currencies to your doorstep. Scroll down the page to find out more ...


You could be travelling on business, or be the secretary of a company, school, or college, charged with the responsibility of making all the travel arrangements for other people - including sorting out their foreign currency and/or travellers cheques.


Whatever the case, we can save you and your organisation money and take most of the hard work out of it for you as well.

Whether it's a last minute business trip, or a school or college party going abroad "en masse", we can take nearly all the hassle out of your currency arrangements.
Businesses and Corporate Travel
If you register your company with us and satisfy some basic security and identity checks, we can offer you a second-to-none service for all your currency requirements, including a last-minute emergency pick-up service for your employees from any of our branches.
Whether you're the company chairman, CEO, overseas sales manager, or a hard-worked travelling rep, we can make your working life a lot easier and save your company money at the same time.
Most likely, if you're well-organised, we can plan your currency requirements in advance, but there are always those last-minute panics - and, if you register with us, you can open an account, to enable your authorised staff to collect currency or travellers cheques from us at an hour's notice.

If you would like more details of our corporate services, please click on the "hand" to the left, complete the basic e-mail form and send it to us.


We will then forward you an e-version of our services, together with terms, conditions and everything else you may wish to know.

Don't forget, when it comes to currency services, we can do just about anything a bank can do, plus a few things they can't - and we'll save you money, every step of the way.
Schools, Colleges and Travel Clubs
Anyone who has ever tried to organise a group of people to do anything won't need us to tell them what a thankless and time-consuming chore it can be - and taking a party of people abroad involves more than most.

Any school secretary, deputy head, or other teacher who has drawn the short straw for organising the school trip abroad has probably pulled out enough of their own hair to stuff a three piece suite.


And if anyone thinks it gets easier, when schoolkids get a bit older and move on to university or college - don't kid yourself!


How much simpler would it be if you could make sure that all your students, travel club members, sports touring sides and so on had all their currency and travellers cheques at least a few days in advance?


Well, we can help you achieve that - simply e-mail us a list of the names and the amounts they want in whatever currencies and travellers cheques they are taking with them.

We suggest you collect payment from all members of your party, because we will request that you pay before we despatch your order, other than in exceptional circumstances, which we are always willing to discuss with you.


Orders will be prepared for your individual party members, clearly marked with their names and the details of each order.

You can pay by various means - by card, over the phone, or by official school or college cheque, although we will need 14 days for cheques, as regrettably banks are taking longer and longer to clear funds paid by this method.


You can also pay by bank transfer, but please feel free to telephone to discuss the various options.

For schools, colleges and clubs within an approximate 35 miles of Portsmouth, your currency orders will be delivered by our own drivers, at a time convenient to you.

For organisations based further away, we can sometimes still deliver ourselves, depending upon the size of the order.


Alternatively, we can despatch orders via Royal Mail, fully insured and using the "tracker" system, so we know where your order is at all times. For smaller orders, we may require a small contribution towards the insurance costs, but larger orders will be sent free of charge.

Don't forget, we are always happy to talk with you and discuss individual requirements - not every holiday is the same, not every holiday or travel party is the same. We appreciate that we are all individuals and strive to give individual service.